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  • Worf Troi PairingPage1 – Trekiverse

    Series: TNG Codes: Tom Riker, R, W/T The USS Gandhi, with… Get Prices

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    Genres: Hetero Warnings: Adult Situations, Anal , AU, Drama, Fantasy, …. getting ready for bed,a sharp pain in her head forces Beverly Crusher to drop to… Get Prices

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Beverly Crusher was replaced as Chief Medical Officer by Katherine Pulaski, played by Diana Muldaur, who had been a guest star in "Return to Tomorrow" and… Get Prices

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    … Romance · Telepathy · Valentine's Day · Explicit Sexual Content · Oral … Two of her requested prompts were (duh) and telepathy, so this combines both. …. Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien · Beverly Crusher/Jack Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard … Deanna shows Beverly her trick for getting into restaurants; Harry Sullivan is… Get Prices

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    Stories RSS Feed … Audio Stories · Competitions · Editors' Picks · Recommended · Anal … Doctor Beverley Crusher, a 40 something shapely brunette with a thorough bedside manner looked up at her superior officer. … He tried to look stern but gave up and started to laugh as Dr Crusher tried to think of… Get Prices

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    He and Deanna Troi once had a fling, but she dumped him for growing a beard. "When …. Ah! A term used to describe the oral stimulation of the male organ,… Get Prices

  • Rick Berman Talks 18 Years of Trek In Extensive Oral History …

    26 Aug 2009 … The Archive has a large library of these kinds of "oral histories" which are … Gates McFadden fired at end of first season because head writer Maurice …… No and no real threats to the lives of the crews just made the VOY… Get Prices

  • Cold Comfort – Trekiverse

    His mouth felt dry, even more than was usual after a night of oral with his omnipotent lover … "I'm calling Beverly Crusher to come give me something for this. Get Prices

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    9 May 2009 … Bio-engineering Review: Joint Report of CMO Beverly Crusher, M.D. … Over the last 100 years our attitude towards homosexuality, oral ,… Get Prices

  • Talk:Sexuality – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

    Dr. Crusher's fling with the Trill in "The Host" was intentionally suggestive of … and maybe even legislate against certain sexual positions; oral is illegal in… Get Prices

  • Troi's Story

    Deanna Troi was used to being watched. … Beverly Crusher was a good one. … Brutal face sits and smothers, breast abuse, fist fucking, anal assaults … ….. second -boxing match of the day, beating against Beverly's now-prominent clit on… Get Prices

  • Men look away: Oral REALLY does cause some throat cancers …

    8 Apr 2009 … A virus contracted through oral is the cause of some throat cancers, according to research … Researchers said oral was the main mode of transmission of HPV but ….. with a pal in Beverly Hills He'll need those new clothes now; Family investments! …. The Crusher does exactly what it says on the tin. Get Prices

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    ORAL – Five out of five Dentists agree. TAGS: oral toothbrush. Rating: 4.69/5 … TAGS: star trek tng jean luc picard beverly crusher shakespeare Get Prices

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    Kimberly Kane, Actress: The Files: A Dark XXX Parody. … 2012 Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked : Anal Play for Men (Video) … Doctor Beverly Crusher. Get Prices

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    Andromeda: All Hail The Harper Part 1 by She-wolf Of Tel Aviv (MF, oral) Andromeda: All …. Deering & The 7 Strange Little Men by Deanna Troi () Buck Rogers… Get Prices

  • All I remember about it was that I was having with Pierce …

    15 Nov 2012 … The Awl asks people: What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Dream? ….. I dreamt Stanley from "The Office" was begging to perform oral on me. …. Man, when I was 12, I would have killed for a Beverly Crusher dream. Get Prices

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    2 Dec 2013… he had touched them inappropriately and performed oral on them. …. Trek: The Next Generation), Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher,… Get Prices

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    This video is on oral , and offers advice on how to deal with some ….. Frakes William Riker Gates McFadden Michael Dorn Beverly Crusher Marina Sirtis… Get Prices

  • TV Recap: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Vulture

    31 Dec 2013 … The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Good Night and Eff Off …. resent that Yolanda the Danish Goddess still feels she has to pique the interest of this amphibious Ben Vereen crusher. … What happens next is a litany of yelling, fuck-offs, and fuck-yous. ….. Read an Extensive Oral History of Swingers. Get Prices

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    Interests. Starship Enterprise · Beverly Crusher · USS Enterprise · Tuvok. Other. Buy A Slut A Pair Of Pants (BASAPOP) Foundation, Star Trek Magazine, Kia… Get Prices

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    The Cosmo Challenge: 77 Positions in 77 Days … the end of Sixteen Candles when Molly Ringwald and her crush are sitting on the table, … Beverly Nelson. Get Prices

  • Happy Birthday Wesley – OoCities

    Rating: NC17 Contains graphic descriptions of same relationships. … Of course Dr. Crusher went ballistic! …… This made the oral intruder easier to handle. Get Prices

  • wmtc: 08.13

    1 Aug 2013… is a compilation of oral history, personal narrative, and public statements of Iraq …… Be proud, raise the rainbow flag, kiss your same- partners in the … In "The Host," Dr. Beverly Crusher falls in love with a Trill, a life form… Get Prices

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    13 Nov 1995 … Article: 25134 of alt..stories … Beverly Crusher …. 501 involved vaginal penetration, 356 were oral, 28 were anal, 7 were masturbation,… Get Prices

  • The Kristen Archives – Just Science Fiction Stories

    A Fatal Compulsion – by Obsessive John – Locked in a cold room with a naked , …. (MF, F/beast?, wife, reluc, oral, cuck, swinger, sci-fi) …… Too many hijinks have been going on and Captain Janeway decides it's time to take action. Get Prices

  • Reverse Speech – BackTalk Volume 2, Issue 3

    In previous issues of BackTalk we have often referred to the Oral Tradition tbeory of …… Doctor Beverly Crusher, and she was hurled into another dimension of her own … For example, if the reversals were about , there would be sexual… Get Prices