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Description : Our Brass – Tascosa Cartridge Company We process hundreds of pounds of fired brass, and blister our eyeballs making sure … De-priming: Much of the bottleneck ri......
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  • Our Brass – Tascosa Cartridge Company

    We process hundreds of pounds of fired brass, and blister our eyeballs making sure … De-priming: Much of the bottleneck rifle brass we sell is de-primed using a … Our equipment is set to stop on any primer which requires excessive force and… Get Prices

  • Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment and Manufacturer

    Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment, Machinery, Manufacturer, Case Draw Presses, Case Trim, Heading Presses, Head Turn, Tapering Machines, Body and… Get Prices

  • Military Cartridge Brass Destruction 2010 – Round 2 –

    24 Mar 2010 … Until recently, most used cartridge brass sales were put up for public bid through … processing brass, and specialized cartridge brass processors that … ATK even provides portable equipment to demil tons of cartridge cases at… Get Prices

  • Processing brass in Bulk –

    I sort the brass by cartridge to ensure that only one cartridge type (223/9mm etc. … Pour clean brass in the casefeeder on the sizing/trimming machine. ….. can buy. Get Prices

  • Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment – Setpoint

    Ammunition manufacturing equipment that automatically inspect each part through critical in-process checks providing the highest … Annealed Brass Cases. Get Prices

  • How Cartridge Brass is Made « Daily Bulletin

    15 Jun 2007 … In the extrusion process the brass is squeezed through a die under …. How do you buy the cartridge case making machine or equipment and… Get Prices

  • How To Anneal – Ken Light Manufacturing

    DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT STARTING THIS MACHINE UNTIL YOU READ AND …. Cartridge brass is annealed several times during the manufacturing process. …. your wallet as you contemplate the purchase of a new batch of brass. Get Prices

  • Once Fired Brass Wholesale

    Colorado Once Fired Brass Wholesale Bulk Cartridge Brass. … We do not sell other reloading supplies. … Brass cartridges have been inspected, machine sorted, hand sorted (as needed) and … shells but some may make it through our process; "Once Fired Brass" is an industry term that described used brass cases. We do… Get Prices

  • Guide for the Beginning Reloader – MidwayUSA

    Extremely competitive prices, great sales, huge in stock product selection, same … Most of the straight wall cartridge dies come with a carbide ring or nitride ring … Calipers, like any other equipment, can be found inexpensively or can cost a lot. … The brass forming process sometimes causes burrs to be created inside the… Get Prices

  • About Us – Freedom Munitions

    All of our ammunition is manufactured in-house at our factory in Idaho and we have a team of … We purchase fired brass exclusively from indoor ranges. … The Scharch processing machines automatically check for debris inside the case and… Get Prices

  • Reloading Equipment & Supplies | Brass, Bullets, Powder, Dies …

    Since loading your own ammunition allows for customization of each of the parts … Most of these components can be found in reloading kits sold by manufacturers, … a time, meaning you will have to replace the die for each part of the process. Get Prices

  • Equipment for Ammunition Production – Prvi Partizan

    The Company · Company News · Quality · Sales Promotion · Contact Us · Distribution … As result of 80 years of manufacturing experience, the Prvi Partizan company … elements in the production process (rod, strip, blank or cup, brass or steel, … Prvi Partizan offer wide range of machines and tools for ammunition production… Get Prices

  • Jamison International – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    With the purchase of this additional equipment a strong foundation was set in place. … A Bliss No.304 Draw Press used for drawing brass cartridge cases. … During the extrusion process brass is pressed through a die set under tremendous… Get Prices

  • Starline Brass – Maker of America's Finest Handgun Brass – Starline …

    Order America's best brass cases for reloading ammunition factory-direct. Best value plus … With a production process focused on quality not quantity. Starline… Get Prices

  • ,Once Fired Brass ,Reloading Supplies

    Once fired brass at, huge selection of reloading … Sorry No ammunition,No live primers,No bullets,and No propellant/ powder. … NOW ONLY $7.50 Shipping And Processing per order Total anywhere in U.S.A ! … (As billing is automatic through site at time of sale, We have no way of giving these… Get Prices

  • DoD Suspension of Brass Cartridge Casing Sales

    19 Apr 2009 … Has the Department of Defense cut off sales of spent cartridge cases to U.S. … THE BRASS HAS NO VALUE TO THE AMMO MAKER IF IT IS … been notified of this decision and has begun the process of reoffering the cases… Get Prices

  • Reloading: Using a Tumbler to Clean Brass Cartridge Cases

    Part of the reloading process involves cleaning your brass casings. … A tumbler is a small machine that can do this job for you, cleaning hundreds of casings in… Get Prices

  • Fort Drum brass destruction threatens reloading supply and more …

    25 Jan 2013… ammunition is processed through a brass deformer machine located at … The proceeds from the sale of the scrap metal are deposited into the designated QRP account. … notified of this decision and has begun the process of reoffering the … With this enormous source of cheap cartridge brass now cut off,… Get Prices

  • (AT&L) Memorandum: Department of Defense – U.S. Army

    establishes new requirements concerning the commercial sale of ESACC. … cases,” and ESACC are often referred to as brass cartridges. … lOO-percent re-inspection, or (b) processing by an approved DoD Explosives Safety Board … review ammunition-peculiar equipment (e.g., automated tactical ammunition classification. Get Prices

  • Olin's History

    When the war ended, Western turned to "tailor-made" brass and other … receivership and led to its sale to the Olins and Western Cartridge in 1931. … In 1950 it built a plant in Brandenburg, KY, to process natural gas into organic chemicals. Get Prices

  • Plastic Process Equipment homepage

    Products 313 – 351 … Sales Terms & Conditions … Air Fittings, Brass & Steel 376-426. Air Fittings & Tubing … Cartridge Heaters, Special Order Form 838. Cascades… Get Prices

  • Past Bid Results – Government Liquidation

    9022 – Computer Accessories & Office Equipment … 9049 – Demil Q Fired Cartridge Cases · 9050 – Copper, Brass & Copper Bearing Materials · 9051 – Demil B Copper, Brass & Copper Bearing Mater. ….. 60101 – Electronic Manufacturing Equipment Market #1. … 60147 – General Motors Mexico, Powertrain Plant Sale. Get Prices

  • Brass Prep « Ultimate Reloader Reloading Blog

    When your rifle brass prep is finished, you'll be able to reload rifle cartridges that embody … simplified, and with the proper case prep equipment, these tasks can be streamlined. … Trimming is an important part of the rifle brass prep process. … You can buy new brass, buy once-fired brass, pick up brass at the range, or shoot… Get Prices

  • PBR's Customer Brass Program | Parabellum Research

    … and wish to lower their ammunition costs, we offer our Customer Brass Program. … Due to the overhead associated with processing and keeping your brass … us and a sales order for approval before we place the brass in queue for loading. … a few rounds intially, if they are within spec we will allow the machine to run. Get Prices

  • How to Get Started Reloading Ammunition – Guns for Sale …

    21 Mar 2012 … Having two blocks facilitates batch processing when using a single-stage press. … But almost all brass ammunition is capable of being re-loaded, and …. Commercial ammunition is manufactured on automated equipment… Get Prices

  • Scrap Metal Processing – Max Torque Industrial

    MTI is a large national metal processor; we are not a buy-back yard or scrap yard. … training, personal protection equipment, instrumentation and jobsite training. … pending de-militarizing process, MTI can accept all range cartridge brass, both… Get Prices

  • BARNAUL – JSC – Barnaul Machine – Tool Plant.

    Prices & Buy … Barnaul Ammunitions Company is the largest munitions cartridge plant is Russia. … Steel cartridge case manufacturing technology is a much more complicated technical process than that used in brass case manufacture. Get Prices

  • Polish & Clean Firearms Cartridge Cases for Ammunition Reloading

    Spent cartridge polishing and brass cartridge case polishing become attractive … This process of spent cartridge polishing and shell casing polishing is fairly … Purchase a good quality vibratory machine that will handle the amount of spent… Get Prices

  • Ammunition – How Products Are Made

    The term "bullet" is commonly used to describe the cartridge, when in fact, … This was a very slow process and often produced an inaccurate shot. … Primers are made of a copper or brass alloy cup with a brass anvil and are filled with an …. a wide variety of targets ranging from humans to sophisticated electronic equipment. Get Prices

  • 50 BMG Ammo Supply – 50 cal Ammunition for the rifle and …

    50 caliber BMG Ammunition for rifles and the Browning M2 machinegun. … BMG ammunition and components for your 50 BMG caliber rifles and machine guns. … .50 bmg ammo uses top quality Winchester factory brass (current headstamp is … .50 cal cans are available for purchase on the ammo and component pages. Get Prices